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OUR PHILOSOPHY – Our Team at Ask A Doula Newborn Services  knows that welcoming a new care specialist  into the home is a big decision for parents. That’s why, we’ve committed to providing families with the absolute best in newborn support, overnight care, sleep coaching and  placement service. Ask A Doula Newborn services we have a genuine desire to be known professionalisum, our integrity and our dedication to the families we serve. This commitment to excellence has made us qucikly know in our commuity. 



Tenisha Bibbs

Owner of Ask A Doula Newborn Services

Author of Ask A Doula

Newborn Care Specialist- Postpartum

10 years of services


Dr. Tenisha Bibbs is a 10-year Postpartum Doula, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Health & Wellness coach, Lactation Counselor and the founder of Ask A Doula Newborn Services. She lovingly nurtures and educates new mommies on how to care for their infant at home, how to practice self-care, and she helps families embrace having a new sibling.

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Cherylene Thompson

Newborn Care Specialist-Postpartum

13 years of services


My name is Cherylene Thompson I have two young children that I raised and are they are doing great. I have 13 years experience working with Mother's & Baby in the postpartum department at thehospital and 13 years as a baby night specialist. I love what I do and I love newborns. It make me feel good when i can help and educate each family. When working with my families its important for me to make them feel safe, comfortable knowing she can get rest when I'm on duty. My speciality is that I'm able to get the baby to eat when mom is having difficulties. 

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Shamacia Dantzler

Newborn Care Specialist Assistant/ Floater

Infant Massage Therapist

5 years


Hey, my name is Shemacia Dantzler and I am a baby Massage Therapist. I’ve worked with children for over 10yrs (1 day old-3yrs old to be more specific) and I’ve been a massage therapist for going on 5yrs. I love every bit of it. I know that one of the difficulties is sleep training and I’ve been trained and will be getting more training in how to maximize in that area. Being a newborn care specialist assistant have bought me so much knowledge and insight and I am eagered to learn more and grow in this particular field. I have theability and am fully capable to perform at the level in which you wish to see. 

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